Blue Sky

Released 2018
Recorded at Farida Studio Osterholz-Scharmbeck by Uli Wortmann
Additional recordings at the Snakehouse Munich by Micha Voigt
Mixed at Farida Studio Osterholz-Scharmbeck by Uli Wortmann
Mastered at CS Mastering Vienna by Christoph Stickel
Produced by: no snakes in heaven
Photography: Carsten Ahner and Konrad Doser
Cover & Art work: Konrad Doser

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Interview Micha

Interview Melli

Interview Matthias


Musiker Band


Melanie Kraus - Cello
Matthias Haupt - E guitar, A guitar, Bass, Vocals
Micha Voigt - A guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, Piano, Glockenspiel, Vocals

Musiker Freunde

Uli Wortmann - Drums, Loops, Percussion
Carsten Ahner - Trombone
Curley Kauper - Blues & folk harp
Tommy Möltner - Backing vocals

Special thanks to Chris Houston:
Vocals on “It´s you I´m waiting for”


All Alone
Blue Sky   
Good Girl   
I Go Down the Street   
It's You I'm Waiting For   
Night Blues   
Satellite of Love   
Take Me to the Shore   
Where I Belong   
The Heart Is a Mighty Place   
You Got It