Fire Blue

Released 2002
Recorded & Mixed at the Snakehouse Munich by Micha Voigt
Mastered at Realistic Sound Studio Munich by Florian Oestreicher

Produced by: Micha Voigt

Photography: Richard Hackenberg

Cover & Artwork: Britta Eriskat


Micha Voigt - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Samples

Musiker Freunde

Agostino Catanzaro - Drums
Udo Schwendler - Accordeon, Clarinett, Piano, Synthi
Melanie Kraus - Cello
Edith Bässe - Backing Vocals
Ulrike Glinsböckel - Violine
Rory Lapp - Guitar
Tibor Rácz - Piano, Organ
Calle Dürr - Tremolo Guitar
Stani Starnecker - Slide Guitar


Fire blue   
Shame pain love   
To a friend   
Wishing well
I come like a rainbow   
Return to happiness
The color of a shooting star
No road
Adelaide city

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