New Album Blue Sky

No Snakes In Heaven, whose head Micha Voigt is, reflects the life of an all-rounder, who composes and arranges her own songs and records and mixes her own albums.
Now and as always, accompanied by her long time and faithful Duo Melanie Kraus (Cello) and Matthias Haupt (Guitar,Vocals), her fourth album „Blue sky“ has come to fruitian and has taken on a more rockier approach to what, until now has been a laid back acoustic ensemble. Without sacrifing their strong albeit leisurely tones and tunes, this new work is both: tense and exiting. Even refreshing.
For „Blue sky“ Micha worked in collaboration with drummer and sound engineer Uli Wortmann at his Studio in Bremen. There is also a stronger presence of guitarist Matthias Haupt as Songwriter here.